Hello, my name is Terry Day. I've been Professional Photographer and Photography Instructor for over 30 years. I know how frustrating it can be when your photographs don't turn out the way you imagined.... Let me ask you...Do you wish you knew how to use your digital camera to take better digital photos but, you think it's to technical or difficult to figure out? Do you wish there was an easy way to learn digital photography without studying a complicated, difficult to understand, camera manual? Do you want to learn how to consistently take great digital photos like the Pros, but don't think you can afford the lessons?

It doesn't have to be this way! I've put this course together to help people just like you.  This course is designed to, take you by the hand and, teach you the easiest way to use your digital camera. You can start taking awesome digital photos right away. Forget a lot of technical stuff that intimidates you and bores you to death. We'll teach you how to use your digital camera and take great digital photographs. And we'll make it fun and exciting in the process. Join the over 2000 satisfied students who have taken this incredible digital photography course and were thrilled that they did.:
Lets get started today!

You don't need expensive photography courses to learn to take professional quality digital photographs... "Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy" is an affordable... easy to learn... complete guide to digital photography... Filled with over 100 beautiful digital photos and illustrations.. "Mastering Digital Photography" will not only teach you... it will inspire you...  to become a better digital photographer. You'll learn everything you need to know about how to take beautiful digital photos, with any digital camera, easier than you ever thought possible... Written in easily understood terminology with a money back Guarantee!
Learning To Take Professional Looking
Digital Photos Can Be Easier Than You Think!
We will show you how to take beautiful digital photographs like these everytime.

*** I could go on and on but, the bottom line is:  If you have ever wanted to learn how to use your digital camera to take outstanding digital photos, and you would "Love To Be A Better Photographer", I guarantee I will help you improve your photographic skills, Risk Free! ...Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

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But Wait There is More!  Here Are A Couple Special Free Bonuses:
Special Bonus: You will also receive a 12 piece Portfolio, Including my "International Hall of Fame Print" Storm Warning. You will be able to print, matt, and frame any of the images in this portfolio
for your personal use. Imagine displaying images from a respected "Professional Photographer" in your home for Free! Upon completion of your purchase you will be able to download this complete course, including the files to the 12 piece portfolio instantly. No shipping needed.

Below Are Some Examples of Your Portfolio Images:  
Thank You, & Congratulations... I'm Looking Forward
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Our Limited Time Special.. Only $17.95 

Now You Can Learn How To Use Your Digital Camera
And Take Awesome Digital Photos  Every Time..
Even  If All You Use Is A  Digital Point & Shoot Camera ... Guaranteed!

One More Freebie: I know this seems ridiculous but I'm also including a FREE 20 page ebook on macro photography by Steve & Vic Berardi which covers 13 tips on photographing wildflowers. Here is what's inside:

#1 - How to identify wildflowers
#2 - The secret to getting perfect light
#3 - What to do if you can’t wait for perfect light
#4 - How to get a proper exposure
#5 - How to position your camera
#6 - How to get sharper photos
#7 - How to get a perfect background
#8 - How to battle the wind
#9 - How to compose landscapes with wildflowers
#10 - How to get butterflies in your photos
#11 - Why it’s important to “leave no trace”
#12 - How to sharpen your photos in Photoshop
#13 - How to darken your background in Photoshop
Here is what some of our satisfied students have to say!
Here Are Some Of The Reasons You'll Love .....
"Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy"
* You will learn to use any digital camera easily and effectively... No previous technical skills required.
* You will learn how to take better digital photos of your children and family.
* You will learn how to make the colors in your photos more vibrant.
* You will learn how to get brighter deeper colors in your sunsets.
* You will learn how to take great close up and macro photos.
* You will learn everything you need to know about composition.
* You will learn to see light like an artist... Your view of every day life will never look the same.
* You will learn how to make a river or waterfall look soft and silky.
*  You will learn everything you need to know about how to  properly exposure your digital photos.
*  You will learn where to shoot and how to shoot your digital photos under any lighting conditions.
* You will learn everything you need to know about how to set your shutter speeds for different effects.
* You will learn everything you need to know about ( f stops) and make a photograph...not just take a snapshot.
* We'll  even explain  how to take HDR (high dynamic range photographs.)
*  Imagine taking more photos of your friends and family, with confidence, knowing they will turn out great!
* Imagine capturing cherished memories for a life time... any time you want...with confidence!
*  We've also included some special tips on shooting  professional quality portraits and weddings.
*  You might even earn a little extra cash and sell your digital photos on line. (Click Here For Free Information)

Here are a few  links to some helpful free trial software that I use to manage and edit my digital photos: Just click the banners to get your FREE TRIALS:
International Hall Of Fame Photographer "Terry Day" Presents...
"Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy"
Why just dream about taking beautiful digital photographs, when you can make it a reality...

"Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy" you'll learn everything you have ever wanted to know about... Taking Great Photographs.... And best of all, you can learn these special techniques, from the comfort of your own home, with no scheduled lessons or tests. We also provide you with information on  where you can get the best savings on cameras, lenses, accessories, and software.

Unlike other online digital photography courses, your training lessons don't stop with your purchase! We are committed to helping you to succeed and learn to be the best photographer you can be. You will receive ongoing tips, tutorials, and automatic product updates as new additions are published. Imagine...Taking digital photos with pride and confidence. Exploring your creative side... and... Most importantly... No more washed out or blurry pictures...
       Special CD... 21 Photoshop Video Training Tutorials On CD:
Our video training tutorials normally sell for $39.95...  But we are offering this special CD for half price with this special offer.. You will be given a link to the 1/2 price special upon completion of your transaction.... These tutorials are demonstrated using the full version of Photoshop but the same principles can be applied to Photoshop Elements, or any image editing and enhancing software. You can view "PhotoShop Made Easy" here.
Would You Like To Learn How To
Take Professional Quality Digital Photos?